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10 Steps To Successful Social Media Branding

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Richard Walsh
Posted on July 19, 2018

How does social media fit into your businesses strategy? With hundreds of social media platforms available, and more popping up daily, it can be tempting to jump on all of them. Let’s take a moment to talk through ten simple steps for ensuring your business succeeds on social media.


  1. Choose The Right Network For Your Audience
    Your job is to determine which networks align with your target audience, company vision, and long-term goals. By focusing on the most useful social platforms from the start, you are allowing yourself to engage in meaningful relationship building with potential clients. If you need a little help identifying which networks are best for your brand, 
    check out this report on Social Media Demographics to determine where your target audience is interacting.
  2. Focus On One Network At A Time
    As with any successful brand launch, social presence requires your undivided attention to be executed well. When launching your brand on a new network, take the time to focus on crafting a positive experience for your audience by taking advantage of the unique benefits of each platform. Spend time learning 
    how each social media network interacts with content to better understand how you should approach your content curation and engagement strategy.
  3. Identify Your Voice
    Assess your company culture and target demographic to establish a social media voice. Your customers want you to interact with them in an authentic way, whether that’s a personal and one-on-one conversation or a more rigid professional approach. By understanding the expectations of your audience and adjusting your voice to match, you can more quickly build trust with your audience.
    Here is a great breakdown of how to approach the birth of your social media voice.
  4. Define An Engagement Strategy
    It is important to utilize a mix of different types of media to keep your audience engaged. Highly engaging content, such as infographics and videos, can be time-consuming to produce, but generally result in higher levels of engagement. You can also utilize quizzes, contests, and open discussions to promote consistent interaction with your social media. Need some ideas? Check out this article on
    9 types of content that promote brand engagement.
  5. Craft Your Profile Content
    You probably already have a website or marketing material with information about your business. Rather than copying and pasting directly into your social profile, take time to craft a fresh, impactful statement about your company that will resonate with the audience on each platform. Shooting for 100% profile completion, including interest fields, is a great way to make a solid first impression with new clients. For a few tips on how to craft a successful profile, check out this article by Neil Patel.
  6. Design Branded Graphic Templates
    In order for your profile to make the best impression, you need to create media that caters to the unique requirements of each social network. From your profile image to your image posts, each piece of media should be created in the most optimized proportions and file type for maximum appeal. By taking the extra step, you can guarantee that your content looks perfect and professional. Check out
    Canva, a free tool for generating pixel-perfect content for your brand.
  7. Plan a Content Calendar
    Having identified your audience, created your voice, and defined your engagement strategy, it’s time to plan your content calendar. A content calendar works as a skeleton to help you with planning your content over time, synchronizing your company messaging, active vision and social engagement to ensure that your brand’s marketing is in line with your long-term goals. HootSuite offers great insight into how a 
    content calendar can help your business grow.
  8. Produce A Month’s Worth of Content
    The biggest pitfall for small businesses on social media is failing to keep a consistent presence on the platforms. When business profiles appear to be abandoned, it can be damaging to public perception and raise questions of larger issues of commitment and follow-through within the company. A great way to avoid this is to keep content scheduled out at least 30-days in advance. This not only ensures that your profiles will remain active, but that you also have the opportunity to intentionally align your social strategy with active sales and promotions. If you need ideas for how to fill out your first 30-days, check out 
    Constant Contact’s 30-Day Social Media Content Challenge.
  9. Understand Your Analytics
    Most platforms offer businesses access to analytics information about their posts and engagement. This is valuable data that shouldn’t be ignored, as it equips you with passive feedback from your audience about how well your posts and engagement are being received. By taking the time to analyze and understand the data, you can adjust your social media strategy to grow your audience and improve relationships. For a full walkthrough of social analytics, head over to 
    Talk Walker’s Complete Guide to Social Media Analytics.
  10. Be Responsive
    It’s no surprise that audiences respond well to brands that are proactive in their communications. By commenting and replying to messages from your audience in real time, you can rapidly build trust, strengthen relationships, and encourage social referrals from existing and potential clients. Take a moment to review
    8 Simple Tips For Delightful Customer Service on Social Media.
A successful social media brand launch doesn’t have to be stressful, it just has to be intentional. By putting in the effort to think through your strategy and making time for genuine user experiences, you can make sure that social media platforms work for your brand rather than against it.
Do you have any questions or feedback? Leave a comment on this article, post on our page, or shoot us a message on Facebook. We are more than happy to discuss what a successful social media presence looks like for your company.

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