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3 Sneaky Time Wasters That Are Holding Your Company Back

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Nathan Walsh
Posted on June 27, 2019

When you think of wasted time at work, you might think about things like the use of social media or excessive bathroom breaks. These are obvious things that an employee might do to break up the day. Distractions of this kind might be handled by setting up clear policies or having some individual conferences. However, some of the biggest ways that companies waste time are not the fault of the employees but are built into the structure and culture of the company itself.

Not Outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the places where the adage that you must spend money to make money holds true. If you want to start a new marketing campaign but do not have an employee with marketing experience, the learning curve to teach one of your employees that skill will have a high cost in time and money. It may be worth it if you are looking to start several campaigns soon. However, for a single campaign, you may be better off hiring an outside resource that has the experience and knowledge you need. In terms of time management, doing it yourself often costs more than outsourcing.

Lax Organization

When companies are just getting started, they may have a loose structure with a few people covering many jobs. Yet, as companies expand, there needs to be stronger organization. A great deal of time can be lost if lower-level employees are unclear about the person to whom they should answer. On the other hand, an unclear structure can lead to multiple managers putting the same employee on different projects, making it difficult to get anything done. Different theories and productivity methodologies aren’t one-size-fits-all. Pick one that fits best with your industry and product or service. For example, if you do a lot of manufacturing, Takt Time might be the method that works best for you.

If time-tracking is an issue you are facing in trying to better organize your day, we recommend looking at our review for Zei, the time-tracking dice.

Unclear Expectations

One of the biggest time wasters is assigning projects with unclear expectations. If a project manager gives the message that employees can take as long as they need but really expects the project to be completed in a month, it can lead to poor time management. If the top manager wants a new webpage but is unable to explain clearly how it should look, it will lead to time lost in multiple revisions. When project leaders are as clear as possible about their needs, it helps employees to deliver projects in a timely way.

In business, time is money. By paying attention to the structure and culture of your company, you can improve its efficiency. Your goal should be to have employees who are empowered to use their valuable time in the most productive way possible.

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