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3 Ways to Motivate Your Workers

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Nathan Walsh
Posted on October 10, 2019

If you own a company, you know that your employees are essential to keeping the business running smoothly. When they’re happy and motivated, your business thrives. If your employees are unhappy and unmotivated, however, productivity and efficiency decrease. If you are at a loss when it comes to trying to turn your workers’ attitudes around, consider using the following ideas to motivate your workers.

Train Better

When each employee understands their role in your company, the overall operation of your business will be smoother and more efficient. When your employees do not fully understand their jobs, they tend to lack motivation, and the result is decreased productivity. One way to help your employees achieve this understanding of their jobs is to provide training. Along with detailed onboarding and on-going training, a Kaizen event is a great way to train your employees.

Promote a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Another way to ensure that your workers stay motivated is by promoting a balance between their work and life. When employees feel as though they are constantly working without enough time to spend relaxing at home, they start to suffer from burnout, which will affect their overall motivation and job performances.

You can counteract burnout by making sure that your workers have enough time away from work to enjoy the money that they are making while on the job. When given time to relax and refresh their minds and body, your employees will return to their jobs ready and eager to work.


While employees do earn their paycheck by doing their jobs, their overall motivation can decrease when having to perform the same mundane tasks every day. They may also not feel fully appreciated or feel that their jobs truly mean anything.

One way you can help get your employees out of this rut is to offer incentives that will reward them for going the extra mile. You can start by setting a goal, such as taking so many calls within a time period or selling a certain amount of product. When an employee or team meets that goal, you can then reward them with gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant or a company-sponsored movie night or dinner.

Providing proper training and encouraging your employees can help them find their place in your company. When your workers are motivated, happy with their work/life balance, and feel as though their work is appreciated and rewarded, your business’s overall productivity will improve.

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