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Add Live Chat to Your Website for Free!

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Add Live Chat to Your Website for Free!

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Add Live Chat to Your Website for Free!

Think for a moment about how you feel when you visit a website and there is a live chat option. Do you feel comfortable or welcomed to the site?

This post is to introduce you to a free live chat software called Tawk.to. This free solution allows you to engage and communicate with your website visitors  in real time. 

Tawk.to is jam packed with everything you need to provide winning customer support. It’s lightning fast, reliable and scalable. 

In essence, it is your own virtual live chat agent!

So, why should you consider adding a live chat option to your site?

  1. It allows you to directly address the needs, concerns and questions of visitors to your website in real time.
  2. It keeps visitors on your site longer
  3. It gives you another opportunity to market your products or services beyond what is already written on your main site. Via live chat, you can provide them with additional information and encourage them give your offer a try.
  4. The software allows you to answer chats from your Mobile Device.
  5. Tawk.to integrates seamlessly using API and plugins, and it works with WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and many others. 
  6. You can invite members of your team to join in, and you can create shortcuts and start chatting with your visitors.
  7. The software also lets you monitor and track you and your team’s progress over time, review chat history, and check performance in analytics. 
  8.  If you are too busy to answer a chat yourself you can use  “Managed Chat” for as little as $1/hr.

The really good news is that it does not take special skills to add Tawk.to to your site. Set-up only takes a minute.

If you’re tired of paying a monthly subscription fees for live chat, then you can officially cancel your current subscription today. Tawk.to is completely free and it always will be.

For more information please visit https://www.tawk.to/.

Micaylah Rose

Micaylah is our Non-Profit Marketing & Development Advisor. She is a Junior at Ball State University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Micaylah is passionate about ensuring that everyone has the resources and opportunity for a better life.

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