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Advertise Events in Your Community Using MeetUp

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Micaylah Rose
Posted on May 7, 2019

What is is a wonderful tool to connect your organization with your community. Join the site advertise your organization’s recurring events to people who are interested in your mission.

Ready to get started? Great! Let’s create a profile for your organization.

Creating a Profile

To begin, navigate to

In the top right-hand corner, there is a link that says “Start a new group”, go ahead and click that.

Step One:

Give your organization a home! Wherever your organization happens to be, fill in that information here.


Step Two:

What will your group be about? In the image, you can see I have filled out the information as if I was a nonprofit organization. You, however can search for anything you like.

Step Three:

Name your group and describe it! Be sure to really capture the essence of your group when describing it. What kind of events will be held? Where? People really want to become attached to your mission and be advocates for the work you do. Give them the opportunity to do that.

Step Four:

Simple, agree and continue.

Now that you have filled out your group’s information, Meetup will prompt you to make your organization’s official account.

Meetup is the easiest website I have ever signed up for. Your name, email and password, are all they ask are for. Easy, right? Gmail and Facebook are also integrated, so you may choose one of those sign-up options to make the process even faster!

Meetup does not specify this, but if you are creating a profile for your organization, consider making the profile very general.


Name: Organization name

Email: General organization email

Password: Easy to remember, organization-specific password.

Finished signing up for an account? Awesome! Let me be the first person to welcome you to Meetup. Now, that you have signed your organization up as a group on Meetup, you may notice that there are some costs associated…


Meetup has two subscription options for groups: basic and unlimited.

Basic is limited to only 50 members and 4 organizers, starting at $9.99/month. Members are people who have joined your group, believe in your mission and will potentially attend your events. Organizers are admins of the group, they plan and bring people together. Depending on the size of your organization, the basic plan may be best you while starting out.

There is also the unlimited plan, the unlimited plan is the most popular plan and your group’s growing potential is limitless. Starting at $14.99/month, this is a great option for organizations that already have a large following and expect a large turnout. I recommend this plan if any of your future events involves dogs. Everyone will be there.

After you pick the best subscription plan, you will receive a receipt in your email address. And… you’ll wait. At this time, Meetup is reviewing all of the information about your organization, and it can take up to 24 hours to receive approval.

Approved already? Amazing! Your group is now being advertised to users all across your city. It will be so exciting to see new members pop up in your group! But we don’t just want new members, do we? We want them to visit our events! Move on to the next portion of this blog to discover how to create events for your group.

Create an Event

To get started, select Create event and then Create a new event on your group’s homepage.

To schedule an event, input your event details, and announce your event to members or save a draft for later.

Event Details


The best event titles introduce your event topic and encourage people to show up.

Date and Time

Choose a start date and time and select the duration of your event. As you can see, the end time will populate automatically. If you would like to change the end time,  select Set an End Time to choose a custom end date and time.

Repeating event settings are located in the Optional Settings, choose how often the event will repeat. Select Set an end date to choose an end date for the repeating event.

Featured Photo

Featured photos will display on your event page and give members a better feel for your event.

I recommend that your image files be JPG, horizontal (landscape), and be at least 1200×675 pixels.

If you are interested in creating your own graphic for your event’s header image, be sure to check out our blog “How To Design Facebook Event Cover” (video included!).

Additionally, if you are in search of a free-use image for your event cover, check out our blog “Top Websites To Find Commercial-Free Images For Your Next Project”.


Start with an overall description, the location, and a basic agenda of your event. Give your attendees an idea of what they can expect during the event and what they need to know before they arrive.


Give your members an easy way to find your event: use the movable map pin to designate an alternate location if you’re meeting away from a street address.


While event’s creator is designated as the event host automatically, any member can be an event host. Type in the “Add a host” textbox to change the primary event host or select co-hosts.

Event hosts are able to edit event details and message attendees. Every event must have at least one event host.

Now that everything is filled out, be sure to review your event invite by selecting Preview. This feature also allows you to see the invite from a member’s point of view. See something you need to change? Go ahead and do that. Everything is perfect? Awesome! Select Publish and complete your event to add it to your group calendar. Select Announce it now to share your event with everyone!

Congratulations! You have signed up for Meetup, created a group for your organization, and scheduled an event all in one day. Do you a little happy dance. You deserve it. See you next week!

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