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Calendly, the powerful scheduling tool that everyone should be using

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Nathan Walsh
Posted on August 15, 2019

In business, you find yourself always running on a schedule. Scheduling meetings and planning events can keep you from keeping the priorities of your business running smoothly. Keeping up with your business shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. There is hope out there. Calendly, a simple to use scheduling tool is the perfect fix. 


Calendly can provide flexibility and ease of use to your business whether it’s for a small team or an individual user. You will be able to focus on more crucial aspects of your business instead. Google, Office 365, and Outlook calendars all work this Calendly.  There is additional connectivity with Salesforce, Stripe, GoToMeeting, and Zapier for overall exceptional user experience. 

The ability to completely customize your schedules is what sets Calendly apart for the rest. Blackout dates, available times and even limit the number of events per day is just some of the helpful features you can utilize. Calendly gives you the controls to automate your live events or meetings on an ongoing basis. Customers will have the freedom to choose dates and times that will always fit into your schedule. Controlling the workflow is essential to business success.  

Calendly is quite affordable as well. The basic account is free per user and includes the integrations with Google, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud. The free account comes with unlimited events but only 1 event type. If your business needs more then basic, Calendly offers both a premium and pro version. $8 per user for the premium version will provide unlimited event type and links to event confirmation pages. While the pro version, at $12 per user allows over 700 app integration with GoToMeeting, Zapier, and more. Calendly can be customized to suit all your company’s needs. 

Calendly can assist your business and help automate your scheduling processes. Its only downside is its analytics. Other services offer ways to see client and employees’ interactions with the tool and Calendly can sometimes be difficult from a user interface statistic point of view. Some settings and menus may be hard to find within its sleek interface. While the integrations are customizable, the look of the menu isn’t so flexible. The date selection for the client can not be customized by looks or functionality. That can make it not suitable for use in some situations. 

Calendly is the most customizable and affordable tool out there, can also help you keep your business flowing smoothly. does not connect to as many apps, but it does integrate with other calendars. won’t set you back financially either. It’s free just like Calendly but you only get one appointment type. The premium versions are $8 a month and $10 if you need different appointment types. It’s a great alternative to Calendly and has time zone synchronization for international uses. 

These tools, no matter the size of your needs can help you organize your day to day operations. It’s time to stop scheduling your life around your business and start automating to maximize your time and your bottom line. These tools can help you organize and truly get every minute out of your schedule with a click of a button.  

And of course, feel free to jump on our Calendly if you’d like any help setting it up!


And of course, feel free to jump on our Calendly if you’d like any help setting it up!


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