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Facebook For Your Business: The Guide To Elevating Your Business With A Facebook Business Account

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Posted on August 13, 2019

One of the most common approaches to building your business’s presence online is to use a social media platform. However, Facebook is a great way for you to build your business in many ways. Facebook is also an effective and efficient way to market your company to the masses without breaking the budget. There are many reasons why you should create a Facebook account for your business. 

Creating a Facebook account can boost your business while reaching your target audience. You’ll definitely be able to communicate to the masses while generating new leads for your business. Also you can communicate to existing and loyal customer via the Facebook platform. With Facebook, you’re not spending an exorbitant amount of money to get your company and its products and services more recognition.

Although there are many ways in which your company can thrive through using Facebook, there are some key reasons why you should use Facebook. From reaching your target audience, building brand loyalty to Facebook insights and much more, you can create an atmosphere to interact with customers. Whether they are loyal and existing customers or potential Facebook sets the base for human communication which most customers look for in companies.

Why create a Facebook account for your business?

There are a lot of things to consider when starting a business. However, those seemingly important things may be why you’ll think about using a social media platform for your business. Facebook bieing the social media giant that it can give your business a rather large presence online. There are many reasons why you should use Facebook for your business, especially for growth. Other reasons are more important as to why you should use Facebook.

A personal touch from your business

Creating a personal interaction with your customers is what matters for building lasting relationships. Adding a personal touch to the way that you run your business is ideal with Facebook. A personal connection is what makes customers feel appreciated and their business wanted by your company. Any personal interaction makes the customer feel special in a sense that their voices are being heard. You can make customers feel that they matter even with the demands that comes with running your business.

Having great connections for your business is highly important and, especially a business seeking to grow. You need a platform that is able to help enable communication with people and generate you more leads. Facebook enables you to communicate your business and its functions with directly communicating and interacting with users. You can give you business a better branding image through conversations with people who matter to your business. The live experience that a customer gets is more valuable than learning about a business via radio or any other way of marketing. 

Human customer interaction

One example of personalizing your business is to give it a human interaction. Letting the general society know that there are humans that they can interact with will boost your business. As widely as it is known, Facebook is one of the main social media platforms available. It certainly gives you a forum in which you can create a human dialogue between your customers and build a relationship with them. 

You can also build a relationship with potential customers too. Having a Facebook page for your business is what allows you to directly form a conversation and receive any type of feedback. You can have some of the most crucial and key conversations with your target audience is directed at your business.

Customers are on your social media pages because they want to know that there’s someone who cares about how they feel. They want to be able to discuss your own products and services with you as a business owner. Human interaction via Facebook for your business will build better customer relationships with your existing customers. Also you will be able to be strong relationship not only with existing customers but your target audience overall.

Developing a loyal customer base

Whether you’re a new or old business developing a loyal customer base can seem like a feat. However, Facebook gives businesses the opportunity to form their very own communities and this is based on target audience. Facebook allows you to spread the word about any happenings that are going on with your business. No matter if they are promotional campaigns, coupons or other incentives this is how your customer can find out.

You can always keep a steady flow with using Facebook to find new customers and keep them up-to-date with what’s going on and keep them through their loyalty. Keeping things relevant and recent with customers based on a variety of things will keep them coming back to your business. Creating target messages focus towards a specific age, gender and location is what let customers know you are listening to them. Customer that are aware that you know who they are will make them loyal to you and remain a loyal customer.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads can help your business in a number of ways. Facebook ads enables you to reach an audience. Facebook is a large and bold social media platform is highly difficult for people to not see what’s going on. tons of small businesses use Facebook to their advantage because they understand the benefits of Facebook ads. You can bring together an entire community based on an ad on Facebook.

For your business, there are more opportunities than just having a fan page and group to represent your business. You can build and publish ad campaigns to get your business more recognition. You can make ads that target any audience that you plan to retain with your business. The budget that you spend is up to you as the business owner. It can be free or some money spent to form an ad. However, if you are savvy in the advertising department you can most likely generate free ad campaigns. You have the freedom of deciding on how your ads are viewed by your target audience. 

Facebook boosts SEO

For any business with an online presence, Search Engine Optimization is almost crucial to building a sufficient online presence. Facebook has helped a lot of businesses with the SEO needs. Using Facebook for SEO, it can be one of the most effective ways to bring more traffic to your website and/or blog.

All links and posts that are posted on your Facebook page are generally indexed within search engines. This makes it easy to place your Facebook pages in the search engines. Having a Facebook page with relevant SEO friendly content that is rich in uniqueness is great for business. Rich content will boost your business rankings through just about all of the search engines.

Save your business money with Facebook

Facebook is an advertising haven for businesses. You don’t have to search too far for customers as they are already on Facebook. Billions of people use Facebook and it is one of the most cost effective ways to reach these billions of people. Most people constantly check their Facebook pages to see what others are doing and, especially friends and family. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive but executing a well-thought out strategy can save you money.

Facebook provides your business ways for you to reach the rest of the world with high targeted marketing to reach your target audience. Using social media can save you thousands of dollars, if not more. Social media allows you to perform the basic functions of offering customer support and feedback, connecting with other brands in your industry and influencers for brands, you can share content and news on your Facebook to get it noticed and do promotions and updates about your business with followers. This can be all done for free saving you money while advertising and marketing your business on Facebook.

Stay one step ahead of the competition

Having a relevant and highly interactive Facebook page is what can help you stay ahead of the competition. However, you need to make sure that you have a Facebook page because your competition already has one. Since Facebook has a better reach than most social media platforms your business will likely lag behind the competition if you don’t have an account. Tons of people use Facebook and loyally follow businesses on Facebook to get the latest deals, promotions and so much more, even business news.

Always stay ahead of your competitors by spying or viewing what they do on their Facebook pages so that you can create far better content and more current pages for you business. Make sure to use better content and images to draw in a larger audience than your competitors. Customers like to people competing to win their loyalty but you have to always produce an engaging platform to keep them interested. Once you keep them interested in your business, you then have the opportunity to steal them away from the competition.

How to create a Facebook Page

Step 1: Sign up for your business

You’ll create your page at facebook.com/business. Click on the option to Create a Page at the top right hand corner of your screen. After you selected it, you’ll be presented with several business type options. These options will include local business or place, brand or product, and community type or cause. For your business you have to select the type of business you’re creating for Facebook. Sometimes it’s likely that your business type will be in more than one of the category options. However, you can choose the category that customers are most likely to imagine when they think of your business.

Furthermore, click on a business type and a box will open up and ask you for further details, but not many. the questions will consist of the name of your business, your business address, and also your business Page category. However, you should note that the categories are generally sub-types within Facebook’s larger business categories. Just by typing in the category field, an array of potential category list options will be there to choose from. After this you may be ready to click on Get Started. However, by clicking this button you will have accepted all of Facebook’s terms and conditions. Make sure to carefully read those terms and conditions before you delve right into it.

Step 2. Add pictures to your business profile

You’ll have to upload both profile and cover images that you want to use for your Facebook Page. It is very important to create and  good visual impression with your audience and this will be the first of many impressions. Also make sure that the images that you use aligns with your brand. This will make it much easier for users to instantly recognize your brand. You’ll have to upload the image you’re using to your profile first. 

This image will accompany your business name. When you interact with customers it will appear in the top left hand corner of your Facebook page. If you’re a largely known brand it is recommended that you use your logo. Pictures say a lot about a business and it should always be clear and appealing to the eye. Using your pictures for branding are necessary and needed to help people to recognize your business and what type of business it is. Images that you use for your logo doesn’t have to match the name of your company. However, they should be memorable to your company.

You’re cover image is the most visible on your page. the image is the most important for capturing your branding. This image should be adequately sized to meet the height and width requirements for your Facebook cover image. It should be perfect in pixel size so that it is not distorted or not very clear to users. If your have small images you can always resize them to meet the requirements for the size of the cover image. The pictures are generally displayed at 820 x 312 pixels for desktop computers and  640 x 360 pixels for mobile devices.

Step 3: Tour your new business Facebook Page

Although your page might not have much content on it, it is now ready to start filling it with rich content. You can take a tour of your Facebook page to become familiar with all that it has to offer you for your business. Become familiar with the features and setting son the Facebook page. It’s a very short process to get to know what you will be working with in terms of your Facebook business page. However, The best part is when you add content and engage your audience to liven up your Facebook page.

Step 4: Add a short description about your business

Adding a short description is a great way to let people know about your business. In just a minimal amount of sentences, with a maximum of 155 characters, you can convey your business to your audience. You don’t have to be fancy with words because remember it is only a description. 

  1. Click Add a Short Description.
  2. Share what your audience needs to know, doing it very clearly and as concise as you can. 
  3. You can add a description with more words elsewhere on the Facebook page at a later time.
  4. Click Save when you’re finished.

Step 5: Create your username (Which should be your business name and maybe you’ll have to use a variation of the name if it’s taken.)

Also known as your vanity URL, your username is what makes it easy for people to find your Facebook page. The user name can be up to 50 characters long. However don’t add unnecessary character just because there’s space. Your username should be very clear and easy to type when people need to search for you. Your business username should be easy to remember. If you have a business name that’s not taken that is the name you should be using as your username. If you have to use a variation, make sure it is close and simple to use.

  1. Click Create a Username.
  2. Create your username on your business Facebook Page.
  3. Click Create Username when done. 
  4. A box will appear showing you the links that people will be able to use to get connected with your business on both Facebook and Facebook Messenger.
  5. You’ll get confirmation of your Facebook Page’s username.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Proceed in continuing to fill in your Facebook for business Page details.

Step 6: Complete your About Section because this is very important

It is very important to fill out the About Section of your Facebook’s business page. Ultimately customers will go here first to learn more about your business. While customers are searching the website to find businesses at any hour of the day, this information is crucial. If you don’t have information in the About section they will search for other businesses like yours.

  1. Click About in the left-hand menu of your Facebook Page to start on the About section.
  2. On this screen, add or edit your specific business details for customers to see. Your start date, contact information, and other social accounts are key to keeping your customers and making it easy for them to get to know about you. Also you might be able to add specific details to your page such as a menu or information about different price ranges and whether you offer other services that will be helpful.
  3. On this screen, you can also add a longer description about your  business. 
  4. Click Edit Story on the right side of the Page.
  5. Then provide a more detailed description of what your business offers.
  6. To add your business location and hours just click the Edit Page Info on the top right-hand of your screen.
  7. When finished just click Save Changes.

Step 7. Create the first Facebook business post

Create your first business post with information that is relevant to your business. Use images in your post that are relevant to the words in your post as well. You want to make sure that your post is engaging customers and that they are not just scrolling by or ignoring it. Make sure the posts have information, products and services or events have offers that they can’t refuse. Make sure they can’t help but to look at your posts.

Step 8: Start engaging customers

You’ve made it and your Facebook page is ready. Now you can start adding people that you know like family and friends to give your page a bit of a boost. Share your Facebook page within other social networks so people will like and follow from there. When you’re adding your promotional materials you can add follow us or an email signature. However, never be shy in asking customers to review your Facebook page. Good reviews will drive up your likes and bring your more users to your page.

Features for Facebook

Facebook is packed with features, especially for your business. The great thing about using Facebook for your business is that Facebook offers a number of features. the features are on a scale above just the basic social media networking. Anything you need to accomplish with your business such as Marketing by way of social media or advertising, Facebook’s tools can give you the much needed benefits for your business.

If you’re looking to give your business a large online presence then Facebook’s features will help you get there. There are many features on facebook that proves it is a beneficial social media platform for your business. However, there are some key features that are just a win win for your business and ou should be using them to your advantage. Using Facebook for your business you have feature that will allow you to measure metrics all the way to optimizing your social media pages.

Here are some of the key features offered through Facebook to help your business:

Graph search

Graph search enables user data to your business which provides you personalized results through search. Your business is optimized through graph search and makes it better to reach certain audiences that you intended to reach. You can reach people outside of your network with a graph search.

Royalty free stock images

Since partnering with Shutterstock, users of Facebook can integrate Shutterstock into the Facebook ads and posts. You can search through an enormous database of free images to use for your business and apply them each time you post. Being provided with millions of royalty free images from the stock photography marketplace is a favorable feature. 

Save yourself a lot of money by using Shutterstock with Facebook rather than paying photographer lots of money to photograph a few images. User will have unlimited access to the Shutterstock library, with Facebook’s ad-creation tools and complete search-engine ability. Images are what makes your business more visual and with Shutterstock there’s always a suitable photo to use in any advertising and marketing situation.

Facebook Insight

Facebook provides users with businesses with metric data. Similar to Google Analytics, you can monitor your Facebook page’s performance. Insights for Facebook allows its administrators to see many different metrics that are measures such as the number of people who liked a post. Also it will show the demographics of your audience in terms of their page reading. It helps you to see what types of content on your pages are engaging readers of your pages.

Metric data is what helps a business to grow. You can monitor how the business is doing via social media and what is really drawing people to your social media. While there are so many options out there to place your business on social media platforms, Facebook is a special social media platform for offering Insights into your business.

Scheduled posts

Sometimes you might be too busy to focus on managing your posts and with Facebook you can schedule them. No matter if it’s a few days or a week before you want something posted, you can schedule it to appear in your feed days before it actually does. Users always likes new and fresh content to be added to your Facebook. Otherwise they stop coming to your pages.

To maintain and keep a consistent flow of content Facebook allow you to create content and set it to generate at a later time. This way you don’t have to constantly monitor your page for content. You can schedule, add a number of posts to appear later on. However, posts are to be scheduled to appear in ten minute intervals. This makes for tidy and timely Facebook posts to your business page’s news feed. 

Hashtags for Facebook too

When we see hashtags we automatically think about Twitter. However, Hashtagging is quite popular for Facebook as well. It is also a great thing for marketing and benefits your business. Hashtagging would make your post relevant to a cause that hashtag followers are looking for. If you hashtag a word with the # symbol, it makes the word a keyword and even makes it easier to find your Facebook page. 

Hashtagging puts you within ay industry that your focal hashtag word is. For example, if you’re hashtagging jewelry, #Jewelry, your business has the keyword jewelry added to it’s post which will generate your business’s posts in people’s search when they type jewelry. Hashtags are a sure way to search optimization in the Facebook platform.

Promoted posts

Greatly ideal for businesses, you promote your content in advertising without breaking the budget. For a miniscule fee of about $5 a post, your promoted content can be easier to reach for a longer time span. the promoted content will also be boosted in your audience’s newsfeed because it is a sponsored promotion.

The better the boost in your content the more engaged your audience will become with your advertised posts. Promoted posts helps a lot, especially if you are a busy that has to save a bit more than spending money. However, it is ideal for any business to be able to save and engage your audience effectively.

Facebook check ins/places 

If you’re a brick and mortar business what better way to take advantage of spreading your business location by using Facebook places. Users can give their specific location and add images of the location by using check-ins/ places. You can add your business to Places and with the GPS/ technology, users can show that they are in your business by checking in to your business via app. When they check in, it will appear on their timeline and this will be the advertising that your business needs. They will be promoting your business by checking in which will show the location of your business.

Examples of creating a Facebook page

Setting Business Goals for Your Facebook Audience

It can be daunting trying to grow an audience on Facebook. However, it just takes one second to Like a Facebook Page. With that being said, reaching people to trust your brand can be even more difficult. It’s always useful to have a goal in place to help you to  build your audience and make them loyal and trust your brand.

Annoying brands with too many calls to action promotions take on social media

Balance your content with your audience, not being to promotional or non promotional. However, keep the content equal on all sides and engaging for your customers. In getting started, you should post three to five pieces of content and then start adding people to your Facebook page.

How to grow your audience

Facebook Business Page should have ample content, images and other media. Also starting out by inviting the people you know is helpful to grow your audience. Invite friends, family, co-workers and people that you know to start following you.

People search examples

Thought-leaders in your field, is a great way to get more followers to your Facebook page. Just search topics based around your industry and then select “People” to generate who the  thought-leaders and experts are. Ask them to like your business page. You can send Facebook invites to everyone who is considered to be a thought leader in your industry. This will work in your favor and you likely get a substantial amount of people following you back.

Actively Engage With Your Audience

You definitely have to appear on social media and be willing to engage with customers about your brand. You certainly won’t have the time to interact with everyone on your timeline. However, you need to make your presence known on your page that you’re interacting and care about your customers.

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