Frequently Asked Questions

1What does it cost to become a Partner?
There are no costs associated with becoming a Partner with Synico Business Solutions. Membership is free, and gives you access to our team of developers, designers, marketing specialists, and project managers to help you create products to meet the needs of your clients.
2Who are "Partners"?
Partner is the term that we use to refer to businesses that work with us to produce products for their clients. If you work with Synico, you will become a Partner organization.
3What kind of development work can you do?
Most of our Partners utilize our services to create simple websites and marketing tools for their clients. However, we are able to handle all sorts of web development, design, and marketing projects. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you have in mind. We will let you know if we can help.
4How outrageous are your fees?
We are competitively priced. Our web development fees start at $450. We utilize the best possible resources when developing, so we won't be the least expensive option, but our pricing isn't outrageous. We are affordable, and provide high-quality products.
5Is this just another pre-packaged ripoff?
It depends - do you want it to be? In all seriousness, we work with your firm to determine what types of products you want to provide to your clients, and what budget you are working within. This will allow us to determine the best course of action for your projects to deliver a product that satisfies the needs of your clients and meets your revenue expectations.
6How do I get paid?
You will have full control over the invoicing of your clients. Once we have locked in the price of your project, you can add your own markup to the price before invoicing the client. We require a 50% project deposit, and the remaining 50% at the end of the project timeline.
7My client isn't happy. What now?
Most clients that we work with are very happy with the quality of our products, but occasionally we can miss our mark. If this happens, we will work with your clients to improve the product to their satisfaction. If the client simply doesn't want to complete the project with our team, we will clear the remaining invoice value and turn over the project as-is for another team to work on.
8Who owns a completed project?
Synico owns the rights to all project resources developed or provided by our team until all project invoices are paid-in-full. At that point we transfer the rights of the project and resources to your company. You are welcome to maintain the rights, or give them to your clients. Unless otherwise noted, we reserve the right to use project references on our website and in other marketing material.
9Can my clients maintain their own website?
Yes. For web development projects that utilize WordPress as the framework, we will include an easy-to-use backend with built-in documentation and training videos to help your clients manage their own websites. We also offer 1-hour hands-on screenshare training sessions for a small fee. Custom website functionality might require the submission of a support ticket for changes, and will be subject to your business' unique support terms.
10How does the support and help desk service work?
Each of our Partners have the ability to set up a Help Desk using your own custom domain ( which will allow your clients to request and manage support services for their web products. Our team will monitor and respond to any support requests that come in. For clients with active support packages (managed by your company) we will process and complete any requests without your intervention. If a client does not have an active support package, we will contact you to work with the client to find the best support package to fit their needs, and then complete the requested task. You will maintain full access to the help desk and can step in at any time.
11What is White-Label?
White-label means that we will not include Synico branding on any communication that we have with your clients. Whenever we are interacting with your clients, we will represent ourselves as members of your team, under your company brand. If you would like to create a company email address for our team to use, we are happy to communicate using those means. Otherwise, we will use our own unbranded domains (such as when working with your clients.