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Guide To Eventbrite And How It Works

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Posted on August 6, 2019

A little while ago, we covered ways to promote your events and build an audience using MeetUp. Today, we’re going to take a step further and talk about how to sell tickets while advertising your event using Eventbrite.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is one of the highly popular ticketing selling platforms by offering free registration pages to organizations for listing their events. For organizations that may hold various events of any nature that are free to attend, Eventbrite could help you with the solutions to your free ticket giving or donations. By using Eventbrite you can issue tickets, create mobile-optimized event pages to let people sign-up and, you will be able to promote your event with an array of social sharing tools that are built-in to the platform. 

However, Eventbrite does charge fees for any paid events. Eventbrite has changed it’s pricing and has different plans. Roughly the fees are 3.5% of the ticketed value with an additional flat fee of $1.59 per ticket for the professional package. You’ll have to pay 3.5% payment processing for their professional package too. Eventbrite is worldwide known and it still holds the reign for being the largest and highly trusted source for organizations to use. 

Eventbrite for, for profit organizations is the best solution for those to organize their events with peace of mind. It’s certainly an easy solution for those seeking to sell tickets with ease. However, for Nonprofit organizations, their services allows donations to be made via different social media platforms. Attendees can share event plans through different networks such as Twitter and Facebook as well as make donations through each network. 

These donations made to nonprofit organizations can be made through Paypal, Google Checkout, credit and debit cards. Nonprofits can also report an event’s progress and use real-time tracking. With that being said, Nonprofits are not in the clear of paying fees for ticket sells. The fees that apply are a discount fee of 2.0% plus $0.99/ticket sale. However, there are some perks for nonprofits by the way of fund

As a global marketplace for finding and creating events, it tremendously helps different organizations. Eventbrite is one of the most successful and largest self-servicing platforms for ticketing for nonprofit and for profit organizations. Tens of thousands of organizers around the globe use Eventbrite monthly to help with managing, promoting and selling tickets. It is also used for registrations to all and any forms of events. 

Through Eventbrite’s website and mobile app, users can easily find and share events with friends and family. The platform brings a community of people together by letting them generate and sell tickets online to letting people find events and purchase those tickets. Anything from concerts to conventions can be found through Eventbrite, as organizers use the platform as their go to for getting event recognition.

Eventbrite pricing fees

If you are wondering about the prices that Eventbrite charges the users of its platform, sign up is completely free of charge. However, there are different plans that you’ll have to pay fees in the event that your organization sells tickets for any event. Eventbrite does not charge organizations for free events, but for paid events you’ll have three options in packages to choose from.

Eventbrite has an Essential, Professional and Premium package, which the Premium package is customized to fit your event needs. With these packages you’ll have access to other perks such as custom branding, product training, available customer support and more if you use their Premium package features. 

The Essential plan will cost any organization 2% for processing fees in addition to $0.79 per ticket sale. The essential plan is their most basic plan listed on their website. The next plan is the professional plan which is a step up from the essential and has some perks to it. However, the professional package is going to cost organizations 3.5% in processing fees plus $1.59 per ticket in ticket sales. The essential and professional does not charge users for free events but will charge the users for paid ticketing events.

With that being said, The premium package is an upgrade from the professional package and has the best perks. as stated above with the premium package, your organization can get available customer support to troubleshoot issue, customized branding for events, product training for different products and so much more. The best overall, is that there is no obligation for paying any fees if you list free events. Just note you will pay the fees if you sell tickets based on the package that you choose. 

Eventbrite features

Eventbrite being a comprehensive tool for users to use, the platform has customizable tools within its platform. Organizations are enabled the ability to improve the way they plan for any main event. you can use the platform to plan a basic convention to a mainstream music concert. Using Eventbrite, you will plan any event from the registration, set up ticketing, set your listing, list any promotion within the listing and you can even fundraise and make and collect payments.

With Eventbrite you can get rid of all the extra and unnecessary work. With its streamlined organized platform for organizations to use, it is highly efficient for creating event plans of any nature. With this platform you can manage every detail of the event with ease. You can integrate Eventbrite with other websites and track activity in real-time. The best thing about it is, it’s done from one single dashboard and you can keep up-to-date with anything from the most relevant and current changes to attendees and even the finances of the event.

Eventbrite is packed with a lot of necessary features to make your event run smoothly. These features are packed with features within itself. They are great for event organizers to use and helps a great deal with cutting out the middleman and paying any extra money that can be saved. Below is a list of Eventbrite features that is what makes the platform comprehensive with its tools:


  1. Up-to-date automated reminders
  2. Bar-code scanning for tickets
  3. Custom badges for events staff
  4. Custom venue maps for mapping the different areas of an event
  5. Dashboards for you to be able to 
  6. Easy refunds will allow you to refund ticket purchase with no headaches.
  7. Event dashboard monitor the events, attendees, finances and more
  8. Event design listing, you can get customized designs for your event listings as well as customized branding
  9. Event promotions 
  10. Automated promotions
  11. Event registration and ticketing for listing your event and creating tickets
  12. Fundraising and crowdfunding for nonprofits to be able to raise money despite not price selling any tickets.
  13. Group registrations
  14. Mobile event app for smartphone users
  15. Online payments with secure payment methods
  16. Online sales for easy and remote ticket purchases
  17. Private events 
  18. Recurring events
  19. Reporting and analytics through integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and more.
  20. Reserved seating
  21. Speaker profiles, especially great for conventions and lectures
  22. Surveys and audience polls
  23. Social marketing, Mailchimp, Zoho, Salesforce and Facebook promotion and more

Eventbrite offers its mobile users optimized registration and tracking. Users can integrate the widgets into any website. Your tickets and any sales can be easily tracked via Facebook or any other social media network as well as other websites. Even better, Eventbrite already has Google Maps integrated into its platform. Social media accounts can be linked to get your organization tons of exposure, especially get your event the exposure it needs to gain more attendees.

Available with its features are also an Organizer app that you can manage events through for Android and iOS systems. The barcode feature can be easily scanned just by using a smartphone camera with the app. The platform offers a ton of features to make your event seamless. Eventbrite functions with an open API, whereas user advanced with the platform can gather event information, attendance, useful data, and other applications. Eventbrite allows users to receive online and offline pay using Android Pay and Apple Pay. 


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The Benefits of using Eventbrite

As a robust event management system, Eventbrite helps organizers to manage their ticket sales, promotions, collect information about the event and even more. There are many benefits to using this platform when organizing events. Whether it’s for saving money or just need a bit more of a stable management system for promoting or selling tickets to an event, Eventbrite can help you do so.

Promotion tools for social media

Organizations will get promotion tools that integrates with their social media. Integrate Eventbrite with Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to promote your events to users. The promotion tools will make event goers aware of which friends are going to be attending the event.

There’s a nonprofit discount

If you run a nonprofit and are organizing an event you can recieve an Eventbrite discount on fees. You will be qualified to receive the standard discount fee of 2.0% plus $0.99/ticket sale. However, their standard credit card fees will apply for any purchase and sales.

Registrants can pick their own seats

Attendees can pick their own seats when registering for your event. Eventbrite enables organizers the ability to let registrants pick their own seat for any events. You don’t have to go through the headache of figuring out where to seat your attendees. Once they’ve chosen their seats it will no longer be an option for other attendees to choose from.

Eventbrite is free if you’re not collecting money

If you’re not organizing an event that will be collecting money on ticket sales, the event is completely free. However, if you are planning on selling tickets to event goers there are fees that apply. The good thing is that you can organize as many free events as possible and not have to pay one single penny.

Whether you are collecting money or not for ticket sells, Eventbrite is still ideal for help you with managing your finances for the event. With Eventbrite you can get an accurate list of people RSVPing to an event than with most other platforms. One thing that you can look forward to is if you are giving away free tickets you never have to pay for those free tickets.

Facebook promotion with Eventbrite

When organizing an event, you can link social media accounts to Eventbrite Social Stream. For social media, you can pull photos that are posted during or after any event by using your hashtags that are associated with the event. 

Eventbrite affiliate program

You can use Eventbrite’s built in system to get your attendees to get their friends to sign up for events. You can set incentives for people who invite their friends. The best time to do this is when you are promoting a paid event. You can add a link that’s part of the affiliate programming in an automated response when sending it to people who register when they sign up. 

You can embed widget on your website

One of the best things about Eventbrite Social Stream is that you can embed widgets to any of your websites. If you want to link people that you invite to any event, to your website, you can use embedding options through Eventbrite. All you have to do is embed the Eventbrite buttons to your website or social media sites. You can read more here about how to embed widgets into your websites.

You can also embed widgets that will makes it less hectic to email attendees. Eventbrite hasa built in email system which allows you to communicate with invitees. Also a 24 hour reminder can be set to automatically generate emails to your attendees before the event starts. 

Being paid out by Eventbrite

When using Eventbrite you’ll receive direct deposit payout after your event is over. However, it takes up to 5 days for the direct deposit. After you are paid out by Eventbrite, you can’t use the platform to refund any tickets, as you’ve already been paid out for the event.

Save $100 in fees with Eventbrite

Who doesn’t love to save $100 or more in fees? You can literally save $100 just by being a first time Eventbrite user. It is their standard promotion offer to anyone who is new to the platform and registering their first paid ticketing event. Saving promotions always help you to keep a little money in your pocket. 

In addition to benefits


Promotions are always great for anyone whether you a seller or purchaser, on any ticketing platform. EventBrite is an awesome tool to help promote your event, despite using it for ticket sells. EventBrite enables its users with a wealth of tools to help spread the word about upcoming events to attract a mass of attendees. Flyers and posters are easy to print and distribute. You can track the campaign for your event and track the location and time the campaign is viewed. 

Also they provide you with automated promotional activities for you to use with promoting your event. Eventbrite enables you with cross promotional advertising with any of your open events on your events sales pages. Your affiliate event sites can also show your promotions from your main sites. Affiliate sites are another way of getting your organization notices because you can click-through these sites to get to the heart of the promotion. 

Eventbrite also makes it effective by offering organizations the ability to create events with SEO optimization. Search engine optimization is most effective for getting yourself found in search engines and you organization will rank higher than most. Most of the features offered in promotional features through Eventbrite, is just a small portion of the features that will benefit your organization for any event. 


When promoting your event, you’ll find that there maybe some registrant that may have special needs. To make their attendance much pleasurable you need to track all of them and make sure that their needs are being met. Using Eventbrite, you can track them down and re-edit or organize the event to make sure that they are comfortable. The good thing is that you’ll be able to keep track of the registrants easily with Eventbrite.

As an organizer of any event, you have full advantages of features that makes it easy for you to create tickets. If you are trying to figure out the demographics of your event goers you can simply ask them to enter their name and any other information at the purchase checkout. this is great for metric measuring because you find out the age, location and gender of the event attendees.

With eventbrite you are able to make lists private or public so people can see who registered. Making a list public will engage more people and possibly attract more registrants to register for your event. Eventbrite makes the platform seamless and highly user-friendly for its users that organize events as well as people looking for ticket sells. 

Examples of when to use Eventbrite

Certainly if your organizing an event you want a robust event management system that will allow you to:

Customize the event listing

Add FAQ to your event listing so goers can get complete information and be aware of what’s going on. Customize your listing with providing the most accurate and upfront information about your listing. Most registrants like to know every little detail about what’s happening at an event. 

Offline payment methods

If you need a secure built-in offline payment method with the system, Event can offer you those features. Attendees can make secure payments throughout the system, whether it’s on and offline. To make sure your event appeals to the masses it is highly ideal to offer offline payments to register to your event.

Customize the registration process

Dealing with tax can sometimes be overwhelming. However, with Eventbrite you can customize your registration process. You can add tax on tickets. Most places in the US and some international place have to incorporate a tax on tickets that are being sold. You can send tax invoices to any attendees for a completed registration.

You can customize your header image

Graphics and images say a lot about your branding. However, with Eventbrite you can add your branding images to your event page and customize it any way you want to.

Change the event type

You can change and customize your wording to match your event type. For example, if it’s a paid event with ticket sales, you want to make sure that you’re event type reflects those words. When creating an event you want to make sure that the attendee knows what they are getting and if they have to pay or not. Also they will want to know what the event type is. If you’ve entered wrong information you can go back and change it.

You want to create specific ticket types

  1. If you are accepting donations, you can create an event that features your tickets as donation type ticketing.
  2. You can also offer early bird tickets weheras, you can give incentives to those who purchase tickets earlier than the latter.
  3. Group tickets can be discounted by your for your organization if a group is buying more than one ticket.
  4. You can offer installment payment plans where goers can pay in installments up to when the event starts. You can customize dates of when payments are due and make sure that the attendees are making their payments in a timely manner.

If you want to create specific event types

No matter what type of events you want to organize, you can do so within the Eventbrite platform. Anything from webinars to events with multiple times and dates to series and conferences, you can customize your event type and the way you sell and distribute your tickets. Creating ticket that are customized to the registration of your event is simple. Whether it’s a PDF ticket for a web only webinar, bib numbers for races and endurance or barcodes you can create any ticket type for your event.

Reserved seating

With Eventbrite you can create reserved seating events: 

  1. For your event you can allow attendees to pick their own seats. Giving attendees an option to pick their own seat is an option that will likely draw more attendees. You give goers the opportunity to sit wherever they like.
  2. Mixed Seating your organization can offer tabled and general admission seating. Reserve seating for attendees by design of the room and layout of seating. 
  3. For concerts and festivals, all-access and multi-stage seating can be reserved seating which you can collect registrations from attendees in order to show the Eventbrite Venue’s Map on the event listing. Attendees will know where to go for the best areas of the venue.
  4. With class and multi-room venues you can designate any room where sessions are likely to take place, by restrooms and exits as well. You can offer reserved seating arrangement that would make the attendees more comfortable.

In Conclusion

Eventbrite is the ultimate way for you to organize all of your events. You can do it in within budget or even if you don’t have a budget. Eventbrite is a comprehensive platform that will basically fill of of your needs as an organization that’s getting ready to plan an event and sell tickets for that event.

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