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Benefits of Infographics and Why They Dominate the Content Game

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Nathan Walsh
Posted on February 12, 2019

The word meme was coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins. It was defined as ideas that travel from one brain to another.  

Today, we know memes as viral images or videos with some text that spread across the internet. Why are memes so popular? One reason is that they are mainly visual and easily shareable.

Our brains process images faster than text, and in this digital era, images are going to be noticed faster than a block of text.

Moreover, your business should be leveraging visual content in its marketing plan. Infographics are one way to incorporate visual content.

Think the infographic is dead? Think again–keep reading to learn about the benefits of infographics and why they’re very much still relevant today.

We Learn Better With Visuals

A team of neuroscientists from MIT have discovered that the human brain can process an image as quickly as 13 milliseconds. Previously, researchers believed that the brain can process an image in 100 milliseconds.

The study had participants look at pictures for time periods of 13-80 milliseconds. They were asked to look for a certain image such as a smiling couple.

This study shows the power of our brains and how we continue to process images even after they’re shown. It shows that we are visual creatures.

Think back to being in school. Did you learn better when your teachers droned on about a difficult concept, or was it easier when they explained the concept using visuals?

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Infographics are Easily Shareable

Another benefit of infographics is that they’re easily shareable. That’s how memes spread so quickly across social media. People keep reposting, retweeting, and sharing.

Images are also more shareable than blog posts. Let’s say you share a company blog post on your social media.

The blog post first has to capture a user’s attention. Many times that is done by adding a captivating image. Next, a user has to click on the blog and read it.

That’s a lot of work for the brain to do just for a blog post. Now, let’s say you share an infographic. Users don’t have to go to another webpage to read the infographic, they can look at it right on the social media platform.

If the information on the infographic is engaging, they’ll probably share it. Or they might go to your company page and look for other interesting posts.

They Translate Across Social Media Platforms

Infographics are not just for Pinterest. You can create them for SlideShare and share your content from there. You can also create them on your company website and share the link across any platform.

In addition, you can include an infographic in your company newsletters to your customers. An infographic is easier to read and look through than an email full of text.

You Can Create an Infographic About Any Topic

The fun thing about infographics is that you can create one about any topic and industry. You can be as creative as you want on your topic.

The main purpose of an infographic is to educate users. People love to learn about interesting facts and statistics.

Think about your industry. What would your target customers like to learn about? If you own a coffee shop, you can create an infographic about how many cups of coffee people drink over a month, a year, or over a lifetime.

If you own a sporting equipment store, maybe you can create an infographic about how many baseball bats, mitts, and baseballs are used throughout an MLB season.

Shake Up Your Content

Is your content all blogs and whitepapers? That means it’s time to shake things up.

Of course, blogging is a valuable content strategy. However, you want to create different content so you can share it across all platforms and appeal to your audience. An infographic can be a new way to gain the attention of your customer base.

Part of Your SEO Strategy

Infographics are a part of your SEO strategy too. You can optimize your infographic post by including appropriate keywords and a meta description. By including SEO best practices, your content is more likely to be found and shared.

They Look Good

Another benefit of infographics is that they look good. When created right, infographics look aesthetically pleasing. Think about how we scroll through our social media feeds.

We’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest scrolling through and waiting for something exciting to pop into our feeds. A quality infographic can improve your brand’s look.

Tips For Creating Quality Infographics

Ready to plan and design an infographic for your company’s content marketing? Here are some tips.

Design Them Well

A poorly designed infographic is embarrassing. If you’re going to create one, you need to do it right. Before you create an infographic, take some time to plan out the content.

Optimize for SEO

Make sure you do keyword research for the infographic post. Find a relevant keyword that your target audience is searching for.

Another thing to consider is page load time. Make sure the infographic does not slow down the time it takes to load the page.

Hire a Professional

Our final advice: hire a professional to design your infographic. With a professional, you can create good-looking infographics to share. A professional agency can also help you with SEO optimization and with other marketing strategies. If you’re looking for a professional designer, look no further than Synico’s favorite visual designer Clara Mendoza

Benefits of Infographics: Learn More

Although it seems like infographics have been around for a while, they’re still here for good reason. This type of content is a fun, interesting way to engage your audience and promote brand awareness.

Now that you know about the benefits of infographics, you can learn more about content creation for your business.

Want to learn more? Check out more marketing articles on our blog.

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