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How to Set Up Google Hangouts Chat

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Micaylah Rose
Posted on April 18, 2019

Video chatting isn’t just for avoiding work anymore. Whether it is the need to have face-to-face communication with a client across the globe, team projects while working remotely, and even those anxiety-ridden video interviews, Google Hangouts is the perfect communication tool. Ready to get started with Google Hangouts but just not quite sure how? You have found the right place! Let me help you find your footing with one of the best communication tools your company will ever use.

Before setting up Google Hangouts Chat, you will first need to create a Google account. If you have not already done so, please sign up by clicking here.sign up by clicking here.

Once you’ve set up your Google account, you will have access to a plethora of professional applications to help improve your business.

To access Google Hangouts Chat, click the grid of 9 small squares in the upper right-hand corner and select “More” to view more applications. Select the Google Hangouts Chat logo.

Don’t tell anyone, but there is also a shortcut:

On the main screen, there will two options: send a message or start a video call.

Select the “Message” element and search for the person with which you would like to begin a conversation. Tell them Synico Solutions says “Hi”!

Would you rather start a video call? To start a video call, you will need to find the individual you would like to video chat with, and then hover over their name. Three descending circles will appear to the right of their name. Click the three circles, and the option to begin a video call will appear. Select “Start a Video Call” to begin the video call.

Congratulations! You are officially a Google Hangout Chats pro. With these tools, think of all the places you will go! Make sure to give us feedback on our blog by letting us know how great Google Hangouts is for your business. We look forward to having you back next week for even more affordable business solutions.

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