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How to Use Social Media to Help Establish Your Brand

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Nathan Walsh
Posted on January 6, 2020

Social media is hard to avoid in today’s world of online marketing and e-commerce. Social media is a great tool for branding your business. It is the voice of your business and carries your logo on every platform. Multiple factors should be considered when branding your business via social media including: setting a tone to communicate with your patrons on your product, maintaining a consistent language on all platforms, and establishing a purpose behind your social media tools. Know the reason why your using a certain platform. While branding might be the larger overall goal, each platform varies in terms of their usage. Below are some ways you can establish your brand and make it stand out among other businesses that also utilize social media.


Facebook is used by over 2.8 billion people around the globe. It is a great platform to not only network with other businesses and with patrons but also establish your brand. You can do this by creating a page for your business and filling out all the areas that inform the page visitors on what your business is. You can also feature your products on the page with photographs, descriptions, videos, and relevant links. A Facebook page is quite versatile so you can use all of these multimedia methods to getting your product and business out there for users to see and experience. One method of posting on Facebook is to do it once a day. Try not to overwhelm users’ newsfeed with too many updates. This might lead to users unliking or unfollowing a page.


Instagram is an excellent social media tool for branding if your product has aesthetic qualities that you can flaunt and feature. Instagram is a visual marketing tool so you can take high resolution photographs and videos to showcase your product’s features by making it appear beautiful, stylish, and alluring. You can also utilize Instagram’s business tools that lets you see how many followers you have, and monitor other activities such as liking and sharing your posts with others. Instagram is a great way to generate followers and advertise your product’s best features. You can also have your website link on your profile so that users can come find you.


In order to effectively use LinkedIn to establish your company brand, you need to use the right wording in your LinkedIn headline. Your headline tells the world who you are and what you do in a limited amount of characters, so it’s important to keep your audience in mind, include your business name, use keywords, and be creative. LinkedIn is especially great for your business brand to connect with other businesses because it offers a fine balance between the personal and professional. While you’re extending your branding campaign on LinkedIn, you’re also connecting with individuals from specific businesses that are of interest to your own. LinkedIn is also a great tool to utilize as clients might be interested in reaching out to specific heads of departments. Help establish your brand by encouraging your staff to also have LinkedIn profiles.


Strategizing your branding campaign with Twitter is also a great way to get your business some exposure. If your followers are engaged and well targeted, this can help you gain more followers which will benefit your business. Your customers who reach out to your business via Twitter will want to compliment your product, ask questions, or offer critique. Regardless of what it might be, it is good to maintain a consistent tone and language on Twitter that is also in line with your business’s brand. Give your business a personality or a character via Twitter. You can do the same with Instagram and Facebook, but Twitter is a platform to maintain this since it is mostly read whereas Facebook and Instagram are more visual. That’s not to say that Twitter doesn’t have visual impact as well. You can post photos and short videos on Twitter. As long as they are short, sweet, and effective, it will help with your branding a great deal.


YouTube is a unique social media platform that is for video content. It has over a billion users around the world and gives you the opportunity to produce some savvy content for your business and product. Much like the other social media platforms, your YouTube content should also have some form of identity. Keep this identity consistent across all platforms. If there is a logo your business uses, make sure that this is a part of the content in some way. Whatever tone and language you use for Twitter should also be applied to your YouTube channel. You can customize your YouTube channel to include links to your website and other social media outlets. Make sure all of these areas are tended to so that users, patrons and potential patrons can all find you with ease.


A lot of major corporate companies utilize Snapchat as a social media tool for brand marketing purposes. Part of the reason is because so many people use Snapchat, especially the younger demographic. If you want the current and future generation of consumers to be aware of your brand, your business should partake in Snapchat brand communication and marketing. It’s a great way to promote your product through short videos and maintain your presence on a major social media platform to engage with consumers. We went over a variety of ways your brand can stand out among your competitors by engaging with customers and potential customers via social media marketing tools.

In order for people to know about your brand, your business should have a social media presence. There are many users on these platforms who find businesses that are close or relevant to them through social media. Keep your business alive and relevant through these brand strategizing tools.

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