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How to use technology to boost your office productivity

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How to use technology to boost your office productivity

There are 28,800 seconds in a work day. Anyone that owns a business will tell you how critical it is to use every minute of your day wisely and efficiently. For years, we have struggled to improve our own time management skills but that effort can only go so far when you are managing the time of multiple people or a team. Many freelancers will suggest that you use FreshBooks or something similar to track your time, but you don't have too much control in how you manage your time with these types of software. Enter ZEI by Timeular--a time tracking dice that allows you to create multiple tasks and assign them to the 8 faces of the dice, giving you much more control over how you manage your time.


How does it work?


The ZEI was first built in 2016 by the bootstrap team of Timeular as their solution to the rampant wasting of time that often occurs in small businesses. After a successful Kickstarted campaign, Timeular released the ZEI to the public market and has continued to update and improve user experience. The ZEI syncs with either your phone, tablet, or computer via their app to keep track of multiple tasks and activites that you create and assign to one of the 8 faces of the ZEI.

The first and most prominent feature of the ZEI is programmable faces. Each face can be programmed to track of any activity you assign to it through the Timeular app. By turning the ZEI face up to each activity, the app instantly switched to keeping track of time while you complete that task. This allows you to quickly switch from tasks such as phone calls, emails, and various projects all while tracking each task separately. The time tracked is organized into a chart that allows you to visually see how you are spending your day and adjust your workflow accordingly.

Flexible Time Tracking

By using the Timeular app, you can customize the tasks that are tracked based on what you're doing that week. Creating and managing new tasks is simple by using the app thanks to the surprisingly simple user interface.

The ZEI comes with stickers, face plates, and a special erasable marker. At any time, you can change which activity that each face will track and can customize the face to give you a visual representation of what you are doing. You can either create general tasks like 'client correspondence', or you can be project specific such as 'design for the Parade Project' to even simply assigning one face to when you are break. Being able to track how much time you are on break or not working (scrolling through Facebook) has already greatly helped my team and I cut down on procrastination and boost daily productivity.

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Goodbye Procrastination

How many people will admit to procrastinating on the job? What a majority of directors and employees alike don't realize is how slacking off compounds over a week. The Market Watch estimates that most adults will spend 11 hours a day on social media. It goes without saying that when these hours on social media are spent during work hours, companies lose a huge portion of productivity. This is especially fatal for small startups with smaller teams; the smaller the business, the more important it is to optimize every minute of the workday.

I have found that being able to track my time chatting with coworkers, scrolling through reddit, or having a coffee break has helped me break my habit of spending much longer than necessary wasting time. Being the visual person that I am, it has been jaw dropping to see how many hours I waste on Amazon shopping.

The Verdict

All in all, I've found that the best way to keeping your productivity in check is to simply gamify the experience of tracking your time. When you have both a way to track specific tasks that you are doing while managing multiple projects and a way to visualize how you and your team are working, you find that strategizing your weekly work becomes much easier.

The best part is that the API for the ZEI is public, and thus can integrate with your existing tracking solutions. This has allowed us to connect our ZEI to our FreshBooks account which means that you can take your tracked time directly to an invoice for clients.

Timeular has spent years creating a truly pleasant user experience to create a Software as a Service that offers a way for startup and enterprise level companies alike an easy way to track time and cut out as much wasted time as possible.


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