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Introduction to MailChimp: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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Micaylah Rose
Posted on April 4, 2019

Over the last few years email marketing has been declared an ancient artifact, meant only to be observed in the finest museums, but never to be a substantial part of your business plan. After much research, Synico Solutions uncovered that email marketing had an average return of $38 for every $1 spent (Salesforce) in 2018. If that does not show you that email marketing does not belong in the past but will sky-rocket your business into the future I am not sure what will.

Email is still the top channel of communication among 72% of consumers, and that number is only growing. Worried about ruffling feathers with too many emails? Don’t be! Research show that individuals respond positively to receiving promotional emails on a weekly basis.

MailChimp is the most effective way to communicate with your audience. In 2016, over 7 million users used MailChimp’s platform to send 246 billion emails. MailChimp is simple, easy to use, and drives results. I am excited to get you started on the path to email marketing success by using MailChimp!

Ready to get started? Here is a map for our journey:

  • Set Up Your Account
  • Work With Your List
  • Customize Your Signup Form
  • Create a Campaign
  • View Your Campaign Reports
  • Review Optional Advanced Features


Set Up Your Account

To get started, head over to and select “Sign up for free”!

The web browser will direct you to a sign-up page.

For this example, I used my Synico Solutions login credentials, however you should fill this form with your own email address, username and password.

All signed up? Awesome. Make sure to head back to your email user and check for an activation email. The email will ask you to confirm the account you created. Congratulations, you are now a user of MailChimp!


Now head back to MailChimp and fill in a little more information about yourself. Please fill in your name, and information about your business.

Next, MailChimp will be interested in knowing if you sell any products online and prompts you to connect to any social media profiles your business may have. These fields are not required and can be changed later, should you change your mind. However, please keep in mind that filling in these fields are useful if you would like to share emails to your contacts on social media as well.

Would you like to be on MailChimp’s email list? If you do, make sure to indicate that currently. The emails that you receive will have helpful tips on how to get started with MailChimp, how to use e-commerce software, and loads of other useful information.

Welcome to your new MailChimp account!

Now that the basic of your account are set up, you are ready to create your first MailChimp list. Yay!


To learn more about account creation, read the article Create an Account.


Set Up Your List

The foundation of great marketing is a clean, up-to-date list of contacts. This is especially true because every subscriber contributes to your total of 2,000 free subscribers.

Also, MailChimp uses your setup details to automatically generate your list for you. You can edit the default information for your list if you need to, or immediately start adding contacts.

MailChimp was designed so you will truly only ever need one list. However, after this tutorial you are always welcome to come back and create another list by using the Create a List button. Be sure to remember that data cannot be shared across lists and duplicate information may need to be re-entered.


Import Subscribers to a List

Customize Your Signup Form

Ready to get creative? Click on Sign up Forms located next to Settings. Let’s get started with General Forms. One of the best parts about MailChimp is that you can customize this form completely to comply with your own branding standards. That includes logo, colors, and fonts. These changes can all be accomplished with any coding (in case you were worried).

Right now, the signup page that you will be directing your audience to is a bit bland. Let’s fix that!

Select Design it, this is where you can customize this form anywhere to logo, colors, fonts, and form elements that are reminiscent of your own website. Go wild until you create something you truly like.

Want in on a little secret? If you are not impressed about any of the writing on the form navigate to Translate It and update the text that comes with the original form. Now look, the form just screams your brand! This is such a great step for your email marketing plan.

For in-depth instructions, read the article How the Form Builder Works.


Create a Campaign

Next, you’ll create your first campaign. A campaign can be defined as a message that you share through email, ads, or other channels. In Mailchimp, most users start with a regular email campaign.

To create a regular email campaign, follow these steps:


  • Launch the Campaign Builder
  • Enter campaign name and choose a list (get silly if you want to).
  • Click Begin.

On the Recipients step of the Campaign Builder, choose a list that you created previously in the tutorial from the drop-down menu and click Next.

On the Setup step, input your Email subject, Preview Text, From name, and From email address. Select tracking tools, connect social media, and configure advanced settings from the available options.

When you’re finished, click Next.

On the Template step, choose one of MailChimp’s many intriguing template types.

In the Design step, you’ll input and customize your campaign content.

When you’re done designing your campaign, click Next to navigate to the Confirm page.

On the confirmation page, please make sure that all the steps have been completed and revisit that might need your attention before sending. You can schedule your campaign to send later or time or send it right away!

Designing a campaign in Mailchimp can be fun, but also complex, because there a lot of customization options. Take some time to get used to the controls and always plan your campaigns before you start designing them. You’ll be an expert email, ad, landing page, and postcard campaign designer before you know it!


View Your Campaign Reports

You’ve clicked Send, but it’s not over yet! A key component of successful marketing is tracking audience engagement, so you can provide more of what your contacts want and less of what they don’t.

The next time you login to Mailchimp after sending an email campaign, you’ll see how many contacts opened, clicked, or unsubscribed from your recent campaigns, right on your Dashboard. Click Reports for more detailed information, and to download, share, or print your campaign reports.

Mailchimp’s open-and-click-tracking data tells you how many people looked at your campaign, which links they clicked, and other information, like their geolocation. Integrate your Google Analytics account with Mailchimp for more in-depth reporting.

Thank you for trusting Synico Solutions to get you started with your MailChimp journey! We can’t wait to hear about your amazing success. Make sure to check back for more tips on how to grow your marketing plan.

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