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Using an Auto Responder Email Sequence to Drive Sales & Bookings

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Using an Auto Responder Email Sequence to Drive Sales & Bookings

Time To Read: 6 mins
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Using an Auto Responder Email Sequence to Drive Sales & Bookings

Did you know that email autoresponders are the mythical weapons of the digital marketing world? Have you ever considered the potential in email marketing to begin with? Contrary to popular belief, email isn’t dead and you should take advantage of that.

Businesses flourish when they use autoresponders.

Autoresponder emails are potent tools that email marketers tend to underuse. Sales cycles tend to last a while, so using an auto email can help you work out the best tactic for your business.

Even then, how do you set up an email sequence that works? How do you create auto-response emails that can give you an edge over your competition?

In this article, we’ll teach you how to set up an autoresponder system. From an autoresponder down to the nitty gritty, we’ll make sure you can take advantage of the system.

Ready to learn? Here’s how.

1. Write the Perfect Auto Response Email

The first thing you need to learn for your autoresponder lead is the most vital part of the auto-response email. That is, to show the customer that you’re talking to them, as opposed to an automatic response.

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing campaign, you want emails that convert. You don’t want to try to figure this out once you’re creating your sequences.

First, you’d need to create a strong subject line and a realistic sender name. People hate it when they get information from faceless companies. You would want to use a profile that uses your name in the sender instead.

You want to be creative with your subject. Give your customers a peak of what you have to say. It needs to be clear, but enticing at the same time.

In your autoresponder, talk about a subject matter that people should show interest in. Talking about topics that people care about is crucial for higher open rates. You want to over deliver on your information topics with consistency.

Don’t forget to pitch as well. Many auto emails tend to have substantial value but lack a good pitch.

Knock down their suspicion with reliable information. Once you do, you can pitch to your prospects much easier.

2. Pick an Auto Email Tone

Here’s the thing about automotive emails: you would want to be conversational, and you want to be familiar.

Imagine you’re talking to a friend. Even then, there are limits to what you can and should tell them. You want to give them something every time you send an auto-response.

A friendly tone is crucial in breaking the barrier between your brand and people’s lives. You want to take the right steps such as addressing them via their name.. Even then, keep on task with your content.

Auto Response emails are valuable marketing assets. You want to stay within context. You also want it to reflect how you write in real life. Here’s an example of how I use an autoresponder to keep clients updated on their project statuses in between review meetings: 

Hey {First Name},

Just a quick update on {Project Name}. Since our chat on {Last Comms} we have been working on {Current Deliverable}. We expect to have this over to you for review on {Deliverable ETA}.

We are also hoping you can pass over {Client Deliverables} by {Client Deliverable ETA}. Is this still a reasonable timeline?

Just let me know so we can plan accordingly. Thanks!

Your email doesn’t have to be an announcement. Make it seem like a friendly conversation talking about a relevant topic. Don’t forget the call to action to make them act on it.

3. Segment Your Email Marketing Audience List

Once you take care of your email’s content, the next move is to segment your audience. You want to create automated lists that will help you segment the people who subscribe to your autoresponder.

To start, you should send introductory emails to your subscribers about a certain topic. Persistence is key with your autoresponder lead. Try to convince them to opt-in.

The people who opt-in and who don’t opt-in would then move into different segments, with different emails as well. This is to reward people who are responsive to your email’s content.

Another way to create segmentation is to classify them. Use criteria such as:

  • Full audience demographics
  • Fit into the buyer persona
  • Skills and interests
  • Cycles in the sales funnel

Set flags or tags for every segment, with every action your audience does moving them to a different segment within your automotive emails.

A quick sample of how this might look for you:

  • Responded
    • Links clicked
      • Purchased
      • Did not purchase
    • Links not clicked
  • Never Responded
    • Emailed opened
      • Links clicked
        • Purchased
        • Did not purchase
      • Links not clicked
    • Emails not opened

4. Pick the Right Email Marketing Platform

The next move is to choose the right platform. Pick an autoresponder email marketing platform that fits your budget and needs. Some of these include:

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign

Each platform has its own advantages and takeaways. Pick and choose what you think is right for you. You want the email marketing software to fit your company size and your total budget.

Service Pros Cons
Free Plan Available!
Paid plans start at $10/mo
Get Started
They regularly add new features to the platform. Social media features are great, and so is the quality of the support (for paid subscriptions). You can easily customize the email templates and subscription forms. The interface can be confusing as certain features are pretty hidden (e.g. registration forms). Even if the free plan is generous, premium prices are fairly steep compared to the competition.
30-Day Free Trial
Plans start at $19/mo
Get Started
Good features for list management and decent support. AWeber is pretty expensive, which would be fine if the editor wasn’t buggy. The automations are a bit basic.
Constant Contact
60-Day Free Trial
Plans start at $20/mo
Get Started
Good deliverability results. The event management feature is ideal if this is your industry. Expensive and no proper automation. In general, Constant Contact lacks basic functions that you find elsewhere.
14-Day Free Trial
Plans start at $29/mo
Get Started
Great design with clean, responsive themes. The automations, as mentioned above, are absolutely some of the best around. The prices are reasonable, and support is excellent, plus it comes via email or live chat. Also, great deliverability rates. The amount and complexity of the features can be a bit overkill for complete beginners.
Want to learn more? Check out this article on 10 Best Email Marketing Platforms of 2019 by our friends at EmailToolTester.

5. Set Up Your Email Sequences

One of the most crucial parts of auto response emails are the email sequences. The email sequences are the set of emails that you send on specific triggers. It has many moving parts to it, so you need to be careful.

How long will the sequence be? How many days and how much time apart? How many emails per week?

There are no hard and fast rules to an auto email sequence. For example, educational emails are better sent every other day. If there’s cart abandonment, however, you want to send reminders every 3 to 4 days and taper it off.

You also need to figure out how many value emails should you send before an offer. The answer to this is 80/20. You should send an offer 20% of the time after you send 80% value emails through your autoresponder.

Outline your entire sequence from start to finish. Your autoresponder lead would introduce you to your customer’s inbox. Keep sending promotions and informational emails until you’re ready to sell.

Remember to focus on the reader, their needs and their problems in your automotive emails. Steps 1 and 2 are there to make sure you have your emails ready to convert. With the right sequence, you can get your message across without a hitch.

6. Gather Data, Observe, & Improve

Once you start your auto response emails, observe the entire situation and create improvements where necessary. It’s useful to keep testing what works and throw away what doesn’t.

Observe the open rates and get more than 25% on it. Use clickthrough rates as a KPI to know if you’re getting the right action from your audience. If people are unsubscribing, try to find out why.

Don’t leave the entire sequence. Keep an eye on it and improve on what is working for you. This will bring visitors back to your website.

Quality Emails, Reliable Email Sequence

Setting up an autoresponder is more than setting up your software. You want content that converts and combines it with logical email sequences. Observe the entire situation and keep improving.

When working with an email sequence, you should always go for quality emails and a well-thought-out process. It’s not all about technicality but diligent marketing instead.

Are you looking to learn more about email marketing and how to do it right? Learn together with Synico.

Talk to us at Synico and see a great digital future for your business website. If you’re ready to learn more, do it together with us at Synico.

Richard Walsh

Richard has more than 10 years of experience developing small businesses and non-profit organizations. He specializes in constructing positive user experiences in the digital world and has a particular interest in using technology to facilitate dynamic civic engagement.



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